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Nutan Kumar Telugu people should be united. So, Andhra pradesh should be united forever 08/21/14 11:11
mulpuru koteswara rao it benfits both andhra and telengana region. same time kcr should not do any witch hunting it may effect on him also no body can escape from sins and unnecessary things india is one and all are indians 08/16/14 07:39
RRM Narumanchi Nagarjuna could have been given the benefit of keeping the illegally occupied 3.5 acres of land by requiring him to pay a price of 5 crores of rupees, since the convention center benefits Telangana 07/15/14 04:04
teja TRS is opposing polavaram DESIGN...and that too it is confirmed by Chief Engnrs from Andhra..who can cost less harm to nature and people around if they change design..what is wrong in opposing its design..why people are stubborn on changing? 07/10/14 07:12
teja whats wrong in taking back/demolishing of lands(which are illegelly constructed or not in use. In gurukul,out of 20 demolished properties-4 were telangana people also suffered and in APNGO's land 2000 employees from telangaana are also present.. 07/10/14 07:11
teja we have seen already CBN double standards..on many things gave letter for T formation at one end and opposed it on another end..I dont understand how it is sensing wrong to decent people now? 07/10/14 07:08
venkat didn't accept the Assembly resolution. before 1956 all these areas were under East Godavari only but T leaders & KCR not ready to accept that. and they say no rights to seemandhra on 60 years joint capital, what a double standard is this? 07/09/14 09:52
venkat The real face of KCR is coming out now. whether it is action of demolishing houses which were constructed 30 years back or taking land of APNGOs. or say it is Polavaram ordinance. now they want assembly resolution on this but on state division, they 07/09/14 09:49
guru prasad i think we did mistake to merge them at my point they are all feeling very happy now but after five years they may know that what's they are.... 07/03/14 22:52
Narmanchi Brothers born to the same parents can no longer live together in a joint family, and some of them are fighting as born foes, all because they were not bought up in sanatana dharma. We are aping the western culture, and boast about a nuclear family. 06/29/14 16:31
Narumanchi Telangana is a good place, but seemaandhra people have exploited them fully. 05/27/14 17:20
Aditya A mere mistake!! Black day in telugu era 05/11/14 10:36
srini there was no other option except to create seperate state of telam ngana there was no other option except to create separate state of telangana ..29th state in India. 05/06/14 05:07
pcr andhra is unique by name 05/01/14 01:54
Madhav jk No need to bifurcate the A.P. state. The division is purely based on calculations expecting political gain. At the most, it may serve few politicians by providing them employment. 04/26/14 12:33
Teja we are not talking about KCR here..if he is selfish or not..who cares..and by investing irrespective of regions(Tg,andhra,gujarati or US..) if jobs are created..and people got it..that means..they own the region where they invest? 04/22/14 05:08
Teja its nt sonia made telugu people to fight with each other..its leaders(capable of andhra and incapable of TG)..rahul is coming to SA..what are they going to do!again what do u mean by telugu person(Andhra alone? when u say no telugu person accept this 04/22/14 05:04
Teja @Venkat..u want congress to develop another city! Seemandhra got,vijaywada(business),vizag(harbour),tirupati(devotional) where major economy flows and what TG has only HYD(all in one)..after how many months process do u accept the division? 04/22/14 05:01
sreenivas I am glad this headache telangana is separated. my only regret is my father and family imbibed in me that all telugus one. we can never be one. we were brain washed about andhrapradesh since childhood. we can never follow their language, and culture 04/14/14 12:20
venkat Sonia & gang made telugu people fight each other not only on road but also in Parliament. And now congress is going to pay a price for this & telugus are ready to teach a life time lesson to sonia & gang. Sonia & gang can't go to SA now. wat a pity! 04/03/14 18:41
rammohanrao Congress has done an excellent thing by forming Separate Telangana State.Kudos to Congress. 03/28/14 14:08
venkat more then the division. Congress made all the tricks to raise the emotions & played with the sentiments for their own benefit and they are going to be punished for this and going to be wiped out in seemandhra like in TN. No Telugu person accept this 03/24/14 21:53
venkat & finally completed the process with in 20 mnts in undemocratic way. Even the GOM is not done their job perfectly. In the history of india, this is the most undemocratic way of giving a birth to new state!Thats the reason people rejects the process 03/24/14 21:44
venkat if the congress (whos in power) wants, they could have developed another city & then divided the state, it was not done. instead the congress (driver) created all the tensions & raised the emotions&differences between the people for their own benefit 03/24/14 21:40
venkat KCR himself is a selfish, What does he doing all these years as MLA or Minister. same applicable to all Telangana & seemandhra politicians. In my opinion, division is acceptable when both the regions accepts the division but not in this way. 03/24/14 21:37
venkat Teja, Don't be foolish... all investors are selfish only and even the politicians. if it is a seemandhra person or telangana or gujrati or US. they work for their profit.... but at the same time the opportunities comes to youth who got talent.. 03/24/14 21:32
Teja Venkat,do u know ny signle person.who INVESTED for developing HYD..rather than thinking of their profit in Investement?.who everinvested in hyd r SELFISH.they wanted 2 b part of the boom of realestate and SOME wanted comforts in city.dnt b foolish. 03/18/14 07:07
Teja Venkat,y seemandhra people developed HYD..did they wanted to make it NO.5 city in india or wanted to make it No.1 city in world?..not only seemandhra there r other states people also paid taxes here..and has to according to govt of india. 03/18/14 07:02
Teja Venkat ,y you are blind or not seeing rubbish mentality in people..who are aginst india sovereignity over states..? and would you have been supported if division happend in 2009..which is 3 yrs before elections?..or 1972? 03/18/14 07:00
Teja I agree with you on point of 'why now' version..I even wonder why these CM's who ruled last 50 yrs never concentrated on developing another city like hyd or vizag..if they would have de-centralization of development this wud hav not been so painful.. 03/18/14 06:54
venkat in seemandhra first & then division. Don't talk rubbish without knowing the details. Can any one say there is no efforts from seemandhra in developing Hyd. Now with this division seemandhra gone back to 60yrs.Now they hv to struggle for 10 yrs. 03/15/14 12:23
venkat and why now ? that too before elections & closing the parliament doors & stopping the live telecast.? Congress divided the state only for their political benefit & BJP too supported? If they want to divide, they could have developed another city 03/15/14 12:20
venkat Hi Teja..... why you people wanted visalandhra in 1956 Hyd assembly passed the resolution in favour of United & CM offered to resign. Both the states were united democratically. Why it was not divided in 1969 or 73 (Jai andhra movement)? 03/15/14 12:18
Teja why these people are not moved away from India when they seperated from Madras?..and made a new country 'Andhradesh'.if any thing happens aginst your wish.u show ur ---to country ,thats y TG is gr8 as TG beared pain for 60 long yrs.shame that u alive 03/06/14 04:11
Kalyan The state has been torn brutally.So,Seperate Andhra country has to be formed as soon as possible."ANDHRA DESH" 02/22/14 20:08
venkat Finally Telangana: Birth of a new baby (state) and death of Mother (AP) and indian Democracy & many more things. Its a shame on 120 years old party ... Sonia & gang made all the things to escalate the emotions & deviated the all democratic norms 02/22/14 11:25
ravi Dirty politics and poor telugu people. only [Censored] can save them 02/21/14 13:25
satya I agree poor andhrates should not vote for congress in first place. Second atleast black list the party like tamilnadu. 02/21/14 13:24
smart guy It is a black day for seemandhra and soon telangana will realize the same. who ever there move out of India and migrate to any [Censored] Africa . It will be better for next generations. Poor Indians. 02/21/14 13:22
teja yes I do agree with you..that separating is not only the solution..but its a critical issue..which is unaddressed since AP formation! how to think about discussing and solving..when 50 yrs is not enough to many years more required ? 02/12/14 06:47
venkat teja don't talk abt water sharing. u can see the problems between karnataka & tamilnadu abt kaveri water issues. This is going to happen in between telugu people once the state divided. Forcing the division is not the solution to this problem. 02/06/14 09:55
Teja y not people get benifited..TG gets less water then will definately get benifited.. 02/06/14 01:53
venkat The way Sonia & gang going forward in this issue is going to create differences between telugu people forever. Its going to benefit only politicians not the people either side.... Moreover its going to be a discussion on state & centre relationsh 02/05/14 09:59
Teja I support division of telangagana..if any one opposes due 2 only state geographical seperation then they must not support AP formation from Madras and they must support british rule and oppose free this division of TG is out due 2 badpolitis 02/04/14 03:11
Rafiq I don't like the sepaeration of two states 02/01/14 21:55
Ravi Raj First work with root cause. If who ever want Telangana, gurkha land, vindhya...... show them the law and order situation in these states. Also budjet allocation how poor it is basing on MP seats. it is like killing huge green tree at roots. 01/29/14 12:57
nagesh No separete jai samikandra 01/20/14 08:11
venkat sonia & gang of 4 (diggy, patel, chiddu & shinde) proved that they can do anything in indian democracy is it democracy or dictorship. diggy is trying (better to say threatening) the MLAs at Hyd to support T Bill.congress is going to be wiped out 12/12/13 09:03

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